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Car, Home and Business Insurance for Alaska Families and Business Owners

Some of life’s greatest moments come with substantial responsibilities: the day you purchased your car, bought a home or said “I do,” you became accountable for protecting the people and possessions you love. Choosing the proper insurance coverage can be the first step in protecting your loved ones, your vehicles or your business from financial expenses stemming from an accident or loss. With decades of combined experience, our staff is confident in offering advice on car, home and business insurance for Alaska residents. Our eye for detail helps us catch things you may miss when choosing a policy online, including exposures that may one day haunt you. We provide detailed advice on a wide range of personal and business insurance needs:

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At Shattuck & Grummett Insurance, we know how important the right coverage can be for your family or business — our Juneau insurance agency has served area clients since 1898. We understand how difficult it can be to understand your own needs and the policy options you have to address them. That’s why we work so hard to educate you on available coverage plans, your potential exposure and available discounts that may save you money.