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Free Life Insurance Quotes from an Experienced Juneau Agency

At Shattuck & Grummett Insurance, we believe that it is important to carry health and life insurance, especially if you have a family or are not offered benefits through your employer. We know the good that health and life coverage can do, especially in the most serious of situations. That’s why we work so hard to offer free life insurance quotes and provide the advice you need to understand the benefits each life and health policy has to offer.

Why Purchase an Alaska Personal Health Insurance Policy?

A health insurance policy will cover much of the cost of medical care, whether you are injured in an accident, diagnosed with a disease, or simply fall ill and need to seek treatment from a medical professional.

Your personal health care insurance policy may even cover additional medical costs that other personal insurance lines do not cover – in some cases, medical bills from a car accident may exceed your auto policy limits, making it important to carry the additional protection of a health plan. In the most serious and unfortunate cases, personal health policies may also provide long-term care insurance or in-home treatment coverage. Major medical insurance is also an important Medicare supplement, making it possible for you to afford treatments not covered under Medicare Part B or other government-funded plans.

In addition to serious care benefits, health coverage may also provide financial assistance for routine care, such as:

  • Physicals
  • Dental cleanings and exams
  • Eye exams and prescription glasses or contacts
  • Medical supplies for your home

We provide advice on short-term health insurance, major medical, high deductible plans and travel medical policies, all in an effort to help you secure peace of mind.

Choose Life Insurance for Your Family’s Future

We offer detailed advice on the benefits of a wide range of life insurance plans and policies:

  • Term Life: Purchasing a term life insurance policy is a viable strategy for providing your family with financial benefit in the event of your death. With fixed rates for a period of time you select, term life policies offer payment to beneficiaries should you die during the term. These policies are a great way to provide peace of mind for your family, and are often highly affordable.
  • Whole Life: For individuals and families looking for more permanent coverage plans, whole life insurance is a viable option. A whole life policy remains in effect throughout the life of the insured and pays benefits to the beneficiary upon their passing.

To begin your search for life or health coverage, request a quote online or call 907-586-2414 today. To request a member of our staff call you with life and health insurance information, contact our Juneau agency.