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The Forecast Calls For Serious Winter Storms – Is Your Home Insurance Adequate?

When you are facing what appears to be one of the worst winters in recent memory it’s understandable that you are a bit nervous about the potential for damage. Some of the temperatures reported across the United States have been record-breaking. Stories about damage to homes caused by this winter

Renters Insurance is Affordable, and You Need It

A May 2013 Insurance Information Institute poll found that only 35% of renters have renters insurance (up from 29% in 2011). But renters face the same risks as homeowners: your possessions can be lost to fire or theft, and you can be sued for causing injury to someone else. What is Renters

The Value of a Home Inventory

As our valued client, we would like to make a simple request. Please complete a home inventory. It's a project that isn't on top of most to-do lists, but it will provide untold peace of mind if you should ever need to file an insurance claim on your homeowners or renters insurance policies.It is