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Alaska Wildland Fires on the Rise

According to a report from the Alaska Department of Public Safety, the state experienced a rise in wildland fires for the second straight year in 2010. More than 3,100 total fires were reported in the state in 2010, including those classified as wildfires, structure fires and vehicle fires. That's

Avoid a Rainy Financial Day with Umbrella Insurance

In our unpredictable world, accidents happen, no matter your income, your age or your line of work. Truly preparing yourself and your family for the unexpected can be a challenge – with the proper planning, and a comprehensive insurance plan, you can avoid the financial costs of these

Protect Your Rental Property

Owning investment rental property, including apartments, condos or townhomes, can be a profitable enterprise. Whether you own a large apartment complex or are renting out a second home, it is important to protect your investment with a comprehensive landlords insurance policy. Keep Your Investment

Enjoy the Weather, Insure Your Ride

The summer months offer many opportunities to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Juneau area. Whether your preferred method of enjoyment is riding your motorcycle, taking your classic car for a spin or embarking on a road trip in your RV, Alaska certainly provides a unique environment to appreciate.

The Value of a Home Inventory

As our valued client, we would like to make a simple request. Please complete a home inventory. It's a project that isn't on top of most to-do lists, but it will provide untold peace of mind if you should ever need to file an insurance claim on your homeowners or renters insurance policies.It is