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Tips for Landlords to Avoid Lawsuits

Being a landlord is a complex endeavor that can increase your chances of being sued. Landlords must assess their risk exposures and take proactive steps to minimize the potential for being sued by tenants and even prospective tenants. Consider the following tips for avoiding tenant lawsuits. Keep

The Difference is Clear: Independent Agents Work for You

Shattuck and Grummett Insurance is proud to be an independent insurance agency with experienced, professional agents that work hard for you every day. Our goal is to make every client feel like our only client—with personal consultation and service as the basis for a long-term partnership. You

Renters Insurance is Affordable, and You Need It

A May 2013 Insurance Information Institute poll found that only 35% of renters have renters insurance (up from 29% in 2011). But renters face the same risks as homeowners: your possessions can be lost to fire or theft, and you can be sued for causing injury to someone else. What is Renters

Enjoy the Weather, Save Big in the Offseason

The summer months offered many opportunities to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Juneau area. Whether you were able to ride your motorcycle, take your classic car for a spin or embark on a road trip in your RV or a boat cruise, Alaska certainly provides a unique environment to appreciate. Now

Don’t Become a Statistic — Be Safe on The Lake

Alaska lakes and waterways offer some of the most dramatic scenery and exciting fishing opportunities in the country. These factors attract thousands of boaters during the peak season. Unfortunately, not all boaters are created equal – some operators are inexperienced, make poor decisions or